Like fanfiction. Mortal Instruments?

Lol yeah I knew you meant fanfiction :) Yes, I write TMI fanfics. I’ve written quite a lot of those. :) 

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Do you take requests?

Depends on what the request is I guess? :) 

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"When he drove Lucian away I did not question it but gladly took his place for my own. When he demanded I leave Amatis, the woman I love, and marry Celine, a girl I did not know, I did as he asked, to my everlasting shame."

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okaaiiiii i forgot about that detail about celine 

Do not blame Celine for any of this, whatever you do. It was not her fault, but mine. Your mother was an innocent from a family that brutalized her: she wanted only kindness, to feel safe and loved. (x)

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Cog I think

It’s not in CoG. 

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it’s an extra i think for the cols. you can find in the Wiki.

Oh really thanks!! :)

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Of Shadows: A TLH fanfic

From James Herondale’s POV

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I saw more of Wales and got a 24 hour flu and then saw more Wales.

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